Evening Dinner on a Canal Boat

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Looking for places to eat near the canals in Birmingham? It’s a great spot, with all the hustle and bustle you’d expect from a thriving foodie area, but we like to think we offer something a little different. When you dine with us you don’t just enjoy your food by the waterfront, you enjoy a top-quality meal right there on the water itself!


Treat yourself and your loved ones to an unforgettable canal boat dining experience.

Dinner on a canal boat is a relaxed, enjoyable experience. Our purpose-built barge is designed with comfort in mind with loose furniture and a spacious interior made bigger thanks to the huge panoramic windows, through which you’ll take in the sights as we cruise away from the city centre and out into the rural surroundings. Together we’ll travel down forgotten canals that meander through the heart of Birmingham’s industrial heritage areas, all the while you’re enjoying food from our varied menu and drinks from our fully stocked bar.

This is a restaurant boat so expect the same level of care and service you’d get anywhere else, and our staff are always on hand to ensure you have a great time.

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